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Creating your Network- Doubling your income

First of all what is a network? How does that relate to being an actor? “A network is a large group of people who communicate, are interconnected and work together as a system.” If you create a network you double, triple, exponentially multiply your work opportunities a gazillion times. The more people who know you, […]

What Makes a Good Monologue?

   1. One that entertains us. No one in the industry wants to watch an actor working really hard to impress them with their “acting” when the piece is boring to begin with. Choose a monologue you LOVE doing so WE WILL LOVE WATCHING YOU. 2. One that “fits you like a glove” so we […]

Getting Your Ducks in a Row

 When I was studying theater at Carnegie-Mellon there was a classmate who had  a famous father, an opera singer well  known in Europe. He was very talented and had a huge following. I heard this story about one of his opening nights while performing in a Wagnerian Opera. Always friendly and outgoing, the tenor was […]

Concept #17- How to Win that Contract Role? Be the Solution!

To combat nerves, prep professionally and ace an audition there are many techniques that work: 1. Exercising- aerobics, running, yoga 2. Positive affirmations 3. Focusing on the character you are about to portray- i.e., Be “Blanche Dubois” on the bus or in the car driving to the audition 4. Meditating to become totally centered 5. […]

The Most Crucial 30 Seconds of Your Career

Before you enter a room to meet an agent, audition for a casting director, interview with the producer of the film, greet the star of the film (who decides if you’re going to play opposite him) or just have coffee and chat with the writer of the TV series you need to really prepare. Prepare […]

Marketing Tips For Actors – The 10 Myths of Soap Operas

  Myth One: Only pretty people or models can work on Soaps. Wrong. Soaps now hire all sizes, shapes, colors, ages. “Real” people are necessary to portray seventy-five percent of the roles daily – nurses, policemen, attorneys, judges, doctors, boutique owners, journalists…the list goes on. Myth Two: Regional Accents (New York, Southern, Hispanic, etc) are […]

Marketing Tips For Actors – Whatever it Takes!

My very worse client…ever…became one of my biggest successes! Is he a movie star? Yes! Is he a household name? Almost! Is he Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise-close! No. But I respect his privacy as I do with all my clients so he shall remain anonymous…for now. When an actor requests an interview for the […]