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5 Steps to a Successful Self Taped Audition

 The 5 Do’s and Don’t’s You just got a phone call from your agent or a favorite casting director (who knows you don’t have an agent to submit you for this) who wants to include you in a casting for a major role on a new pilot or film…Yay! That’s great news until you think […]

What Makes a Good Monologue?

   1. One that entertains us. No one in the industry wants to watch an actor working really hard to impress them with their “acting” when the piece is boring to begin with. Choose a monologue you LOVE doing so WE WILL LOVE WATCHING YOU. 2. One that “fits you like a glove” so we […]

What is Your Brand? Why do you Need one?

The best way to successfully jump start your acting career is to clarify what you are selling. What is your Market? Niche? Brand? The first step for most actors is getting roles in unpaid off-off Broadway showcases which give you experience on stage or in student/indie films which give you experience in front of a […]

Video – How to Get an Agent in 30 Days or Less

Gwyn teaches over 300 actors at THE SHOWBIZ EXPO How to Get an AGENT…in 30 Days or Less! Those who followed up and worked with Gwyn really jumpstarted  their Career. See what they have to say! P.S. If you’re ready to take your career to the NEXT LEVEL or you want to work with a […]

Getting Your Ducks in a Row

 When I was studying theater at Carnegie-Mellon there was a classmate who had  a famous father, an opera singer well  known in Europe. He was very talented and had a huge following. I heard this story about one of his opening nights while performing in a Wagnerian Opera. Always friendly and outgoing, the tenor was […]

Concept #17- How to Win that Contract Role? Be the Solution!

To combat nerves, prep professionally and ace an audition there are many techniques that work: 1. Exercising- aerobics, running, yoga 2. Positive affirmations 3. Focusing on the character you are about to portray- i.e., Be “Blanche Dubois” on the bus or in the car driving to the audition 4. Meditating to become totally centered 5. […]

In What Media Will You Be the Most Successful?

How Does the Industry see you? What is your strongest talent? Are you camera ready or highly photogenic? Do you love working on camera? Or do you shine the most while on stage? Where should you spend your energy to develop and succeed at your acting career? There are FIVE WAYS of determining your most […]

What is your Trigger? What Makes You Irresistible?

David Ogilvy, a Marketing genius (and my hero) said something very enlightening about marketing and it relates to your  marketing as an actor-        It’s not the product (You)        It’s not the quality of the product (your Talent)        It’s not even how the product is developed (your Training)        It’s triggering the potential […]

The Most Crucial 30 Seconds of Your Career

Before you enter a room to meet an agent, audition for a casting director, interview with the producer of the film, greet the star of the film (who decides if you’re going to play opposite him) or just have coffee and chat with the writer of the TV series you need to really prepare. Prepare […]