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5 Steps to a Successful Self Taped Audition

 The 5 Do’s and Don’t’s You just got a phone call from your agent or a favorite casting director (who knows you don’t have an agent to submit you for this) who wants to include you in a casting for a major role on a new pilot or film…Yay! That’s great news until you think […]

Random Choices Equal a Random Career

Ever wonder why your career isn’t working? As Marketing Expert I see this syndrome over and over… “I need new head shots…oh, I’m waiting for that student clip for my demo reel…oooh- it’s so bad I can’t show it to an agent!…I guess I’ll take YET another class to meet that casting director…maybe they’ll hire […]

Acting Studio to TV Studio- Becoming a Professional

Every Summer thousands of young drama students graduate from their college, university or conservatory programs only to face the biggest hurdle of their lives. How do you get started in your professional acting career? Even if you’re enthusiastic and well trained, you need help with practical questions: Where to go- NY or LA? Or should […]

10 Concepts That Will Transform Your Career

1. Think Like A Business, Not Like A “Starving Artist”. Create systems and consistent marketing campaigns to sell your “brand”. 2. Make No Assumptions. Don’t assume you need a top agent before one appears. Don’t assume that you booked that job because your audition was good. Don’t assume that what works for a fellow actor […]

The Olympic Mindset

I always like to look at role models- people who have achieved their goals with great success. There are few things more thrilling than watching great performances. It’s inspiring! That’s why I love watching the Olympics. There’s something to be learned by evaluating the qualities that make up Olympic Winners. There are few careers more […]

What a Marketing Coach Can Do For You

When you work with a Marketing Coach, you are in touch weekly to accomplish all the things that will make you confident, prepared and professional. Just having a head shot and resume is not enough- a first step, maybe, but to be really up-to-speed you need both marketing tools and marketing tactics. And for that […]

What is Your Brand? Why do you Need one?

The best way to successfully jump start your acting career is to clarify what you are selling. What is your Market? Niche? Brand? The first step for most actors is getting roles in unpaid off-off Broadway showcases which give you experience on stage or in student/indie films which give you experience in front of a […]

Why “Skills” Is an Important Section on Your Resume

Often actors will neglect one of the most important parts of their resume, SKILLS. We all know that Experience, Professional Training, Education is major-the main categories that tell the industry you have what it takes to play a role. But WHY is it important to have a strong SKILLS section? Many roles from commercials to […]

Strategy #1-Stop Struggling- Do What Works to Get Work!

Does this describe you and your marketing efforts? 1. Sending out pictures and resumes to agents, and getting little or no response. 2. Meeting agents and casting directors in those 2-5 minute “pay-to-meets” but no one calls or wants to represent you. 3. Submitting yourself with on-line casting but all you get are student and […]

Learning When to Say NO!

I once had a very powerful agent at a major theatrical agency with movie star clients. At the time, I was a “soap star” client making a hefty six figure income. He stopped me one day and asked if I wanted to move on, get to the next level. I thought he was talking about […]