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Random Choices Equal a Random Career

0314-IP(V3)Ever wonder why your career isn’t working? As Marketing Expert I see this syndrome over and over…

“I need new head shots…oh, I’m waiting for that student clip for my demo reel…oooh- it’s so bad I can’t show it to an agent!…I guess I’ll take YET another class to meet that casting director…maybe they’ll hire me…or not… I should cut my hair…OK, I’ll pay to meet with a top agent…gee, that didn’t work out…why didn’t they call? They really LIKED ME. So why can’t I get in the door to audition for that TV series? I know I could do the role better than _____…I’ll take another workshop…no, I’ll get new head shots…”

This list of random choices goes on and on… “quick fixes” for a career that is going nowhere, at least for the present.Why? Because you lack a PLAN , FOCUS and the guidance of a MENTOR to make your career more successful. Nobody can do this on their own with or without a road map. Here is a new strategy.


STOP using pictures that don’t sell you, a demo reel that’s half finished or full of roles written by students and very “artistic” indie directors- (not in the mainstream of the REAL Prime Time or Film markets).

STOP taking classes hoping to meet that perfect industry Pro who will hire you. (exception: If they’re a good teacher and you NEED what they are teaching, great!)

STOP paying to meet Agents in a 3-5 minute meeting- NO ONE in their right mind will offer to sign you and represent you after knowing you for a few minutes. That’s like a blind date offering to marry you 5 minutes after meeting you at a bar! Eek! Run! Would you really marry someone from speed-dating? How do’ ya think it’ll work out? Well, the TV, Film and theater BIZ is similar and your relationship with an agent is actually very personal. They need to know you and you need to get to know them. So instead of random choices hoping for  the best-

1. Get advice from a Marketing expert and Make a plan

This isn’t difficult or just means focusing and writing down what you want and THEN making tangible steps to get it. But here’s the trick. If you have an Expert in the room when you make your list and you ask a few questions, guess what happens? You revise your list and the steps to get there because you will have NEW information that you didn’t know before- Like how it really works.

An Expert can cut through the delusion of how you think the business works versus what’s really going to get you to the next level.

I love top Marketing guru’s like T. Harv Eker and attending seminars with super bright people like him. He asks tough questions like,“Ever climb Everest? Ever do it alone?”

Laughter. The entire room of intelligent people just laugh. Even with guides it’s tough and only a tiny percentage of climbers in the best of weather get to Camp 4 ,The Death Zone let alone the summit … So, why do you think you can climb the craggy peaks of the Hollywood Film industry or the NY Theater industry alone?  Better question, Why waste 3-5 years  just getting to the base camp when this can be done in 3-5 months with  a coach?

2. Get A Marketing Package Catered To You…not stuff that doesn’t work.
Are you sure that your picture is getting you tons of auditions? What are you missing ? Is your website really selling you? Is your demo reel to die for? (and less than 1.5 minutes?) With a marketing package you get all the tools you need ASAP…like in a flash with a huge discount and a payment plan.Bet you that no photographer, webmaster or videographer/editor will give you 3-6 months to pay while you , right? Get the goods NOW, right? uh-huh, we do!

3. Get Personally Introduced To The Industry
Other coaches –life coaches, casting director- turned -coaches, managers-turned coaches may offer marketing “biz of the biz” group classes or even one-on-ones to teach you how to get in the door to a top agent. If you have a coach who is ONLY teaching you how to write cover letters (eek…that’s so 1980 right there), you’re in trouble. Most Agencies and Casting Directors these days have computers and the internet..the paper trail is almost faded away. Not that many industry pro’s open paper mail-who has time?

So, Bottom line? Stop unnecessary spending- going and doing ..if it doesn’t work, SCRAP IT! Focus, know your goals and write them out but do so with a Marketing expert in the room to advise you. Result? You’ll get to the summit!

P.S. Need help going forward and just wanna chat? REQUEST a complimentary 15 minute Career Consult with me HERE.

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