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What a Marketing Coach Can Do For You

0314-IP(V3)When you work with a Marketing Coach, you are in touch weekly to accomplish all the things that will make you confident, prepared and professional. Just having a head shot and resume is not enough- a first step, maybe, but to be really up-to-speed you need both marketing tools and marketing tactics. And for that you need a coach.

A Coach breaks down the larger projects to achieving your goals into smaller, easier “to do” steps that are fun and creative. For example, if you need new marketing tools (head shot, resume re-designed, sizzle scene, website), a coach will help you find the best photographer, a great graphic artist who captures your style and personality so your credits “pop” off the page, a video-grapher and editor to shoot and edit your sizzle reel and a brilliant web designer all at the best possible price. So, first your coach helps you find the best Pro’s you need, gets the best deal and then helps you follow through to get the best tools.

Your Coach is a project manager seeing that the job gets done on schedule- this month head shots, next month, a sizzle reel, next week, working on a new monologue, the following week, going over your audition wardrobe or updating your resume. When you add up all the little steps there’s real progress. You could do all this on your own but somehow it might take you longer and you may not make the best choices. With an expert, a Master Coach, the decisions are easy. And correct. A coach knows what works and what doesn’t.

When all your tools are first rate and complete, a coach helps you to make a marketing campaign so you can introduce yourself to the top Agents and CD’s. Your Coach can guide you on: how to communicate with the Industry, what to say, how to promote you, when and how often to send emails, postcards, invitations and links to your website.

Your Coach is there for you when a major audition or opportunity arises: a Broadway audition for which you’ve prepped or a screen test for a feature film. No worries! You coach can advise on :what to wear, what to say, how to follow through, how best to handle the experience. A 24/7 policy on phone calls or emails to your coach is an absolute necessity so you can obtain valuable advice when you need it and are always prepared.

A Coach helps you set up a SYSTEM so your career is almost on autopilot- you are prepared. In summary, you work with your coach weekly, create excellent marketing tools, plan marketing campaigns, target agents & casting directors and then you are introduced to the Industry by a personal referral from your Coach. In short, you’ve set up your system for success!

And remember, a coach keeps you inspired and enthusiastic as well as making all the work FUN!

Be Brilliant!

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