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Your Most Important Marketing Tool- Your Website

0314-IP(V3)Your website is probably the most important overall marketing tool you can have. Why? It encompasses all of your marketing tools under one umbrella- Your Website is your store, your home front. Even when you are out of town and an Agent calls, they can see your work and forward it on to someone who is interested in casting and hiring you!! Your Website works for  you while you sleep!!! And it is living, ever-changing as you grow and  develop. You can add new clips from movies and TV series. You can add new photos from vacations and interesting events which you attend, world travel, new voice-overs and singing CD’s, a weekly blog so we learn a little bit about your interests, political or social viewpoints, personal and writing style.

Here’s the breakdown-
1. WELCOME PAGE. Use a head shot that most accurately shows your personality and include a greeting- “Welcome to my site!” or something appropriate to your brand and personality. Use your favorite colors, favorite outfit or include something personal- your  “everyday” hat, designer jeans, your motorcycle or your pet-the professional stuff comes next.

2. LIFESTYLE or HEAD SHOT(S). Try to put 2-3 or more photos here. Use a smiling shot showing teeth which works
for commercials, a dramatic or “edgy” shot which is good for Prime time drama or theater and a playful one-either full length
3/4 shot or head shot for Sitcoms,pilots, web-i-sodes, romantic comedy films. Go for it!  Best bet? Get Lifestyle photos showing all 4 of your marketable roles!  Just be consistent with your TYPE – You in different moods, roles and wardrobe.

3. RESUME. Your musical theater resume could be on one page. Your “straight” acting resume on another and even a
mini-commercial resume-if you have a tons of stuff running-on another. How cool is that? You can’t pass out 3 resumes to
an Agent but you can show a real “range” of talent and credits on your website. And if you are already working with an agent,
they have a choice of which resume to download and forward on to a Casting Director. The easier you make their job, the more
jobs you’ll get! Update frequently!

4. BIO. This should be 4 short paragraphs with the highlights of your career including quotes from major industry people you
worked with or review quotes from plays and theater productions, readings or workshops you did, things not found on your resume- even photos from productions you did on stage or stills from a movie shoot.

5. SIZZLE REELS. A short, fun, fast-paced “trailer” of many of your clips from series, films, pilots. The longer versions can stand alone on your website- 1-2 minutes of each particular clip with a title and mini-summary. But the “sizzle” will be the first thing that an Agent or CD will look at. Why? It’s short-1 minute, fast-paced, easy to watch and will show your range without their having to sit through a whole scene. Find a good editor and make a sizzle- everyone loves sizzles. Make your career experience look like a hot trailer from a  hit movie!! And it will sell you!

6. BLOG. This is a great opportunity to show our own style, really demonstrate through anecdotes WHO you are. Remember an agent will want to know more about you than how you audition and if you get a callback. You can talk about your interests, your personal views and show a sense of humor. The more they KNOW YOU, LIKE YOU, TRUST YOU…the more people will hire you.

7. PERSONAL PHOTOS. These are from your professional and
personal life. Just like Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media
sites, your own website is a base where others can read about
you as well as get your basic professional info. The more events you attend or play readings, workshops, showcases you are involved in, the more photos you can post.

Yes, there will be
 Google links and listings. If an agent can find you all over the internet performing on stage, meeting top film
producers at charity events with celebrities, lunching with film directors, shooting “Indie” projects-they will be more impressed
than just the little listing on IMDB (which isn’t always accurate).

Show that you’re pro-active in both your acting career and life! Show us that you are a daring mountain climber, a sailor, can ride a Harley, look great in a bikini, can roller blade and be really cool while lounging in a Paris cafe or on the beach in Maui….all that will enhance your marketability as a actor. Film directors will actually see you in their projects from those photos. And last, hugging your dog or cat makes you very lovable!

What Not To Put On Your Website:
1. Intimate photos that shouldn’t be shared on the internet-of course, nothing nude or sexually explicit.

2. Photos or info about your children, personal residence, address or anything that might (1 in a million, but still) provoke
a stalker or nut case to follow or harass you. Protect your family.

3. Mention or photos of your spouse unless you work together in a band, as part of a comedy team, a dance duet, etc. Sometimes mentioning a spouse or children can lose you a job if they think you might not want to leave home for a long period of time to shoot a film thousands of miles away from them. Or you might give the impression that you won’t be available if it is an action adventure, dangerous project in which you wouldn’t want to become involved. Deal with the specific when it arises but keep the field clear for offers.
Be Brilliant!

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