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The Olympic Mindset

0314-IP(V3)I always like to look at role models- people who have achieved their goals with great success. There are few things more thrilling than watching great performances. It’s inspiring! That’s why I love watching the Olympics. There’s something to be learned by evaluating the qualities that make up Olympic Winners.

There are few careers more demanding than being an Olympic athlete- being an actor (or any creative professional- designer, writer, director, singer, stylist) who succeeds over incredible odds to star/work in major films and TV series might be one of them. How do YOU compare to an Olympic Gold Medal Winner? Do you have a Winning Mindset? What qualities do these athletes have that make them Winners? What is the OLYMPIC MINDSET?

1. They LOVE what they do.

You can see the joy in every moment they are competing. They didn’t enter the race for the sake of the medal…they entered because they love to compete and do the best they can with their unique talent. They’re having FUN!

2.They have a strong BELIEF in themselves.

Confident that they could get to the podium, they talk about their skill and desire to win very naturally, “I am going to do this- it’ll work out!”

3. They have FOCUS and the ABILITY to follow through.

Even if it takes years of practice, set-backs, and injuries they never lose sight of their goal.It may take years with one set-back but they’re back 4 years later!

4. They see a CLEAR VISION.

Most Olympians talk about how they visualized themselves being exactly where they are and those visualizations started when they were very young. They knew exactly what they wanted to do and could see it clearly.

5. They have incredible DISCIPLINE and WILLPOWER.

No matter what the weather,the season or their physical condition they persist in a strict and consistent schedule of training both physically and mentally. No excuses!

6. They are CREATIVE and UNIQUE.

They have the courage to do things their way.They break records because they are in tune with their own bodies and spirit, “This is how I do this…and it works for me!”

7. They have HUMILITY and embrace SIMPLICITY.

They are not complicated as people.Life is about achieving their goal and not allowing anything no matter how trivial- to get in their way; habits, diet, finances, relationships..everything is put in perspective for the higher goal. You don’t frequently see “ego trips” or “trauma dramas” because there simply isn’t time in their life for such things.

So, do you have an Olympic Mindset?

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