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10 Concepts That Will Transform Your Career

0314-IP(V3)1. Think Like A Business, Not Like A “Starving Artist”. Create systems and consistent marketing campaigns to sell your “brand”.

2. Make No Assumptions. Don’t assume you need a top agent before one appears. Don’t assume that you booked that job because your audition was good. Don’t assume that what works for a fellow actor will work for you. Don’t assume that a movie star will be a good actor or vice versa. Just don’t assume. Stay alert and observe.

3. Hire The Best Coach/Mentor You Can Find To “Open Doors.” No one ever got there alone. Why would YOU be the exception? A Coach can personally refer you to an agent. Why waste 3 years sending out pictures/resumes? Duh!

4. Don’t Follow The Herd. Know what you want, what you’re selling and never give up. Don’t hang out with those who are unfocused, draining or negative. Go your own way.

5. Look For Opportunity Everywhere. Create your own work by finding top professionals- writers, producers, directors – and hire them to develop your projects. Everything is negotiable.

6. “Live The Part” of a successful actor (and Dress it)! You’ll get more roles. You become what you think and project.

7. Waste No Time. Know what you want and go for it. There’s no reason to cling to one area of the industry, one city, one agent. Stay in the moment, stay focused but keep moving forward.

8. Play Out YOUR Agenda, not someone else’s – director, producer, agent, manager or parents. It’s YOUR life not theirs.

9. If It Doesn’t Work, Scrap It. Or do it over- head shot, hairstyle, wardrobe, agent relationship, manager. Don’t hang on because “something is better than nothing”. Nothing is better because it clears the air and opens the door for what IS going to work.

10. STOP All Unnecessary Activity And Expenses So You Can Focus On What You Want Now. Find employment that will give you enough free time and cash flow to develop your career. And never accept a role that doesn’t give you growth, development, opportunity and/or MONEY. Those are ALL good reasons not “because someone wanted you to play the part.”

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